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Daily Market Commentary

First up this morning we have seen Canadian Housing Starts come in better than expected, rising 256,900, or 15.4%, in the month of February.  In early trading this morning, we are seeing the bond curve flatten with the long end rallying by 30 cents.  The Loonie is holding it's gains from last week, trading in the .9870 range, or $1.01317 US$.




The buzz over the weekend was the
Quebec Super Court
dismissing the BCE bondholder's lawsuit.  With the deal slated to close in April, the window for an appeal is quickly closing.  Bonds have been pricing in the downside risk in recent weeks, but the increasing likeliness of a ratings downgrade may put further downward pressure on the bonds.




As we certainly expect lighter trading volumes this week, the news in Canada also remains light with the highlight of the week being Thursday's Capacity Utilization Rate.  The US on the other hand has a jam packed week of data starting with today's Wholesale Inventories, tomorrow's Trade Balance, Thursday's Retail Sales and Friday's CPI.  The Fed is scheduled to release it's rate decision next Tuesday, although the rumblings of another inter-meeting rate cut is getting louder.


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