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Daily Market Commentary

 While the US housing market falls apart, Canada posted some decent numbers this morning.  226,500 new home starts for August.  Our market continues to hum along, having been mostly absent from the speculative excesses of the US market that are currently unwinding.  New housing price index was up 0.9% for July, actually growing it's pace of increase over June.


  Bonds are trading slightly lower after yesterday's big rally.  An inflation report out of China may have sparked a little bit of fear into the bond market.  Similar to China and India exporting their disinflation to us for the past decade, so too could they theoretically export their inflation.  That said, yesterday's and last week's rally in bond prices was due to cool, as the 10 year treasury traded into the 4.20's% yesterday before coming off in the afternoon.


US trade balance continues to be hugely negative, causing the greenback to drop against almost all currencies.  The CAD$ is strong around the world, rising against all the majors, especially the US$ - now down at 1.0465.  You'd think that traders would have gotten used to disappointing trade deficit numbers by now.  Hovering around -$60 billion seems to be the norm...


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