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Bond Market Transparency

I thought that I would take advantage of this slow Thursday to bring up the subject of bond market transparency.

 I am all in favour of increasing the visibility of the bond market to individual investors. In my view, individuals are well-treated by the investment dealers in general in the bond market but they would benefit and overall market activity would increase if they could see live bond prices electronically.

This debate is reaching some kind of end in Canada but so far, the proposals fall short, in my opinion, of acieving the desired results. The Investment Dealers Association(IDA) has released two discussion papers on this subject and it would be worth your while to read these papers.

You can find them on the IDA website: www.ida.ca or just click on the attched link. I will add the second link also.

 You can also read more about this here at www.ida.ca/Files/Policy/IssuesComments/IDAResponsetoCSARequest_en.pdf

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