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Who said that bonds were boring?

Even though 4q GDP was not as weak as feared, bond prices are up a solid one point in the US.

 This could become a small rant as one of the questions I field the most often goes something like: " Bond yields are so low. Why would I bother with them?" The problem with this question is that the questioner is just looking at a snapshot in time. In the past 4 days, the US long bond has had a 12 point move; down 11 and up 1. This is not boring.
The average daily price change for a 10 year + Government bond is the same as for any of the Dow Jones stocks. This is one of the reasons that I chart the market; not necessarily to trade it, but more to identify good entry and exit points.
 I will produce the trading range for the US 10 year for the past 12 months.

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