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I just sent out a newsletter and here is the text:t has been a while since I have sent a newsletter and it is something that I should do more often although I will not make it a resolution!
This is an interesting crossroads for markets and for myself.
I am pleased that I was able to complete the second edition of my book. It includes 30% new content plus updates to all tables and charts. There is one full chapter on preferred shares.
I handed it in to my publisher on September 1 and, as you know, a lot has happened since then. You will read my take on the ABCP mess plus my overview on this structured product fiasco. The title of my book, IN YOUR BEST INTEREST, reveals my ongoing belief in putting individuals first. The investment business continues to sell products to people rather than listening to what people actually want and need. I hope that my book continues to help people with their finances. I have received many heartwarming messages from individuals who have benefitted from adopting the principles espoused in my book.
I have reached a crossroads in my career. I left Blackmont in August and plan to return to the investment industry soon.It is time for me to walk my own talk so look for me to land somewhere where I can be of direct assistance to individual investors. Watch for my announcement.
Also, I will return to BNN at some point as well.
I am not sure if I will get across Canada to put on seminars surrounding the release of this edition but , again, I will let you all know.
Hank Cunningham

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