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Book Updates

Bond ETFs

On page 129 of my book, I make reference to Fixed Income Exchange Traded Funds(ETFs). At the time of publication, there was an iG5 ETF which replicated the performance of a five year Government of Canada bond.

 This has been replaced by the XSB ETF whhich stands for the iShares CDN Short Bond Index. They trade on the TSX with the XSB symbol. This fund replicates the performance before fees, of the Scotia Capital Short Term bond index and the MER is only 25 basis points.

Note also that Barclay's has changed their URL from iunits.com to ishares.ca.

In addition, Barclay's added the XRB fund in December, 2005, which invests in real return bonds for an economical MER of 35 basis points.

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