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Tracking Corporate Spreads

Often, the average investors without access to thousands of dollars worth of subscriptions has a hard time tracking corporate credit spreads.

The excess yield of corporate bonds over "risk free" government bonds is an important factor of return in the bond markets (anyone who owned corps over the last year and didn't aprticipate in the bond rally knows that)

New free services have emerged on the internet to make tracking this spread easier.  While they are US based, these are a great way to track credit in general... and as we all know, credit generally leads equities.

www.markit.com is one of these services.  In particluar their Markit CDX series.

Watch the IG series (now in it's 10th roll) which tracks 125 US corporate bonds in relation to the Treasuries.  Watch the IG.HVOL series for a just above investment grade composites, and the HY series for High Yield bonds.



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