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In Your Best Interest: The Ultimate Guide to the Canadian Bond Market

Frequent ROBTv guest Hank Cunningham's book "In Your Best Interest," now in its third edition as of February 2012, demystifies the world of fixed income markets and explains how you can make the bond market work for you. From the basics of bonds to the information you'll need to increase your income and select the right advisor, it is in your best interest to invest in this book. This latest edition has much new material, including a review of the ABCP debacle, a complete chapter on preferred shares, as well as on ETFs plus expanded information on convertible bonds and real return bonds.

Hank has always felt that he was well situated to write this book with his broad experience in every facet of the fixed income business and with his love of writing. His primary reason for writing it is contained in the title of the book: "In Your Best Interest." By this, he is referring to the fact that the investment industry frequently comes up short in putting the interests of the customers first. His book attempts to not only empower individualinvestors to take control of this important aspect of their portfolios and to demystify the bond market but also to educate investment advisors who, in general, need more education in this important market.

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