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About In Your Best Interest

This is the personal site of Hank Cunningham, the author of "In Your Best Interest." Hank is the Fixed Income Strategist for Odlum Brown Limited.

Hank, as he is known in the investment industry, has had a long, distinguished and colourful career. Beginning as a sales trainee with Bell, Gouinlock and Co. in 1967, he quickly became a fixture in the bond market. He moved to Montreal in 1969 and managed Nesbitt Thomson's bond desk there until 1974. He responded to the call from the buy side and became the chief Bond Portfolio manager for Standard Life. In 1979, he went west and joined Investors Group in Winnipeg where he launched what is today's largest mutual bond fund in Canada. He also had total fund responsibility for Investors' pension fund clients, including several blue chip companies.

In 1984, the sell side beckoned and he rejoined Nesbitt Thomson as an institutional bond salesman and then moved on to Gordon Capital, where he was acknowledged as one of the leading zero coupon traders in the country. Taking on a bigger challenge, he moved to CIBC, where he was in charge of global trading for CIBC in Canadian dollar bonds. While there, he built CIBC into a significant force in the bond market. When CIBC bought Wood Gundy, Hank started a new chapter in his career. He moved into the retail fixed income space, building a trading desk from scratch for Dean Witter Canada, which was very successful.

He moved on to First Marathon Securities where he built the extremely successful Correspondent Network trading desk(again from scratch.) This desk was considered to be the finest retail fixed income desk in Canada.

After 12 years there, he left to join Blackmont Capital after the takeover of First Marathon by National Bank and has put together yet another high quality fixed income trading desk. After leaving Blackmont in 2008, Hank joined BC-based investment firm Odlum Brown Limited as a Fixed Income Strategist.

Hank is quoted often in the print media and is a frequent guest on Report on Business Television. He has just published a book explaining the fixed income market to individual investors. Owing to regulatory rules, many of his comments will be accompanied by a disclaimer from Odlum Brown Limited as this is his personal site.

As well, Hank will provide up-to-date information with respect to certain parts of his book and will also post links to various websites, including videos of his ROBTV appearances. Of course, there will be articles, a learning centre, and a Question and Answer section where he answers your questions.





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